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EDIT: This log doesn't show even recording because my computer performance fell so much that I couldn't even get it to click, and eventually if I let it stay open, would issue a BsoD error. I've run every test and reinstall under the sun and I can't figure this one out. The hardware isn't even showing any sign of faulty cores or bad RAM or a screwed GPU. I'm at a total loss here, and honestly need to either find another program that works for me, or give up on my dreams of being a content creator.

Having issues here with my framerate just tanking, like the computer struggles to function with both running. Game in question is Overwatch on Medium settings. Doesn't give me an issue when I run World of Warcraft. Given the nature of my rig's power, I don't know the answer here as to why. Was hoping the log could provide answers, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for in it to find the issue. Would appreciate any help that can be offered.


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So, to those of you who may read this, if you have a similar issue and are like "But Game Bar is turned off and Shadowplay is disabled!" but you play like Overwatch or WoW, check your battlenet settings. Blizzard added a Streaming piece to it recently I just found out.

Disabling that solved this entire issue. Blue Screens are gone. Performance buckle is gone. There isn't a single issue. Happy trails to those of you out there with weird PC issues. I'm going to go question life for a while and try to get my head back together after two weeks of troubleshooting to find out it was a single setting in the last place I'd have looked that was the root of all my trouble...