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Free Command line tool for obs-websocket plugin (Windows) 1.4.7

I use this super heavily with VoiceAttack. It's really awesome. I do voice commands that trigger OBSCommand to make things happen in OBS. This is what the setup looks like in VoiceAttack. I just say "wings" and it turns on the source and gives me wings. So cool!


Anyway, I just noticed the universal command! I am trying out the Screenshot thing, but I'm bad at parameters. I tried these variations but it didn't work for me.

/command=TakeSourceScreenshot,"LIVE - Main",C:\Guitar Stuff\Screeny.jpg
/command=TakeSourceScreenshot,"LIVE - Main","C:\Guitar Stuff\Screeny.jpg"
/command=TakeSourceScreenshot,"LIVE - Main",jpg,"C:\Guitar Stuff\Screeny.jpg"

Just can't seem to get it to work. Any advice?
Oh! LoL! I will take a look at VoiceMacro for sure. Btw, the VoiceAttack dudes are super cool, maybe yall should be friends.

Btw, this is one of the potential uses of the "TakeSourceScreenshot" idea... I'm currently doing it by taking a windows screenshot, and using a OBS plugin to make a source choose the most recent addition to my screenshots folder, then resizing it so it works like this...
@BoomSoMuch Check out the new version 1.4.4!

Now you can take screenshots by using a command like this:
OBSCommand.exe /command=TakeSourceScreenshot,sourceName=MyScene,PictureFormat=png,saveToFilePath=C:\OBSTest.png
i am trying to do this :
OBSCommand.exe /server= /command=SetSceneItemProperties,scene-name=Scene,item=pip,scale.x=19

it only reports back ok but nothing happens. ideas ?
@hundlos I can't make this work either, seems to be a bug in obs-websocket.
But while debugging this, I discovered a problem with my app which prevented integers, double and boolean parameters from working correctly.

I fixed that in 1.4.5.

Also, with the fix applied, I tried the deprecated version of this command, and it worked!
Try this with 1.4.5:
OBSCommand.exe /server= /command=SetSceneItemTransform,scene-name=Scene,item=pip,x-scale=0.5,y-scale=0.5,rotation=0
Note: you have to set all parameters (scale x,y and rotation) or it won't work.
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this worked better thanks.

only strange thing is that if i wanted to try


i get jumps from 1200 pixel to 10800 and 1.02 it jumps to 90001

the idea behind it to have a pip move from left to right and if possible also to give the right position + crop + size

how about the other features like getstats etc ? should we get something returned there ?

thanks for the quick fix
That's odd, it works on my side, I tested if there is a problem if you have "," as decimal separator in your windows settings, but still worked... that's the only thing I could think of.
thats about right - still some strange things happen there. is there a fix that you can implement ? i have to remote 10 obs at the same time

can confirm that it works now if it changed inside system settings. so basicly swap , and .
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@BoomSoMuch Check out the new version 1.4.4!

Now you can take screenshots by using a command like this:
OBSCommand.exe /command=TakeSourceScreenshot,sourceName=MyScene,PictureFormat=png,saveToFilePath=C:\OBSTest.png
This is awesome! So if I just wanted one source within a scene its the same as above just change "sourceName=MyScene" to "sourceName=MyScene/MySource"?

Thanks so much! Now I need to bug the guy who makes OBS Websocket. Version 4.6.1 has been crashing OBS so I had to go back to Version 4.5.1, so I won't be able to use this trick until I figure out the crash and get on the new version. :X

Thanks again! You rock!
@hundlos Yes if that's the problem I should be able to fix it if it's not obs-websocket related. Oh and back to your other question I forgot to answer: no I did not implement any output from the obs-websocket replies, do you want OBSCommand /command to output the json-formated replies from obs-websocket in the console?

@BoomSoMuch TakeSourceScreenshot does only accept "source" as an argument, I don't think you can use "Scene/Source",- which makes sense, you can't make a screenshot from s scene that is not active as it is not generating a stream.

You're welcome!
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that would be great yes. best would be if i can trigger like fps / dropped fps and the return gets written back - or written in a text.

i think the , . error is a obs command thing as i need to change it on the client not server side in order to get it to work. so the one that sends the commands needs to be changed. thank you very much for your help u saved me