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CLR Browser Source Plugin [OBS Classic ONLY]


I am having issues getting a locally stored HTML file to display in OBS using the CLR Browser. I add the file location like i would with a Twitch Alerts address but get nothing.
Any Help would be fantastic!
What path did you add in the URL bar? It should have http://absolute/ in it - clicking the [?] icon next to the bar and selecting the file prefixes that automatically :)

I'm trying to apply a glitch animation to my text. I get it to work in Firefox, but not in OBS.

The css that supposed to be in the .html file is this:

        @keyframes noise-anim {
            0% { clip: rect(17px, 9999px, 58px, 0); }
            5% { clip: rect(99px, 9999px, 75px, 0); }
            10% { clip: rect(33px, 9999px, 10px, 0); }
            15% { clip: rect(70px, 9999px, 71px, 0); }
            20% { clip: rect(99px, 9999px, 16px, 0); }
            25% { clip: rect(74px, 9999px, 71px, 0); }
            30% { clip: rect(75px, 9999px, 42px, 0); }
            35% { clip: rect(4px, 9999px, 66px, 0); }
            40% { clip: rect(21px, 9999px, 45px, 0); }
            45% { clip: rect(29px, 9999px, 20px, 0); }
            50% { clip: rect(55px, 9999px, 83px, 0); }
            55% { clip: rect(20px, 9999px, 48px, 0); }
            60% { clip: rect(58px, 9999px, 63px, 0); }
            65% { clip: rect(20px, 9999px, 23px, 0); }
            70% { clip: rect(94px, 9999px, 11px, 0); }
            75% { clip: rect(71px, 9999px, 17px, 0); }
            80% { clip: rect(18px, 9999px, 21px, 0); }
            85% { clip: rect(84px, 9999px, 58px, 0); }
            90% { clip: rect(62px, 9999px, 49px, 0); }
            95% { clip: rect(24px, 9999px, 34px, 0); }
            100% { clip: rect(54px, 9999px, 81px, 0); }

        @keyframes noise-anim-2 {
            0% { clip: rect(1px, 9999px, 36px, 0); }
            5% { clip: rect(59px, 9999px, 57px, 0);}
            10% { clip: rect(86px, 9999px, 30px, 0);}
            15% { clip: rect(95px, 9999px, 83px, 0);}
            20% { clip: rect(79px, 9999px, 6px, 0);}
            25% { clip: rect(56px, 9999px, 79px, 0);}
            30% { clip: rect(44px, 9999px, 91px, 0);}
            35% { clip: rect(66px, 9999px, 39px, 0);}
            40% { clip: rect(46px, 9999px, 11px, 0);}
            45% { clip: rect(59px, 9999px, 63px, 0);}
            50% { clip: rect(11px, 9999px, 20px, 0);}
            55% { clip: rect(42px, 9999px, 69px, 0);}
            60% { clip: rect(77px, 9999px, 69px, 0);}
            65% { clip: rect(31px, 9999px, 76px, 0);}
            70% { clip: rect(75px, 9999px, 71px, 0);}
            75% { clip: rect(31px, 9999px, 2px, 0);}
            80% { clip: rect(13px, 9999px, 6px, 0);}
            85% { clip: rect(36px, 9999px, 100px, 0);}
            90% { clip: rect(85px, 9999px, 65px, 0);}
            95% { clip: rect(80px, 9999px, 64px, 0);}
            100% { clip: rect(45px, 9999px, 10px, 0);}

It looks like this code is not supported?
Any help is appreciated.


The keyframe animations need to be referenced. Is there a class defined in your CSS that contains the property 'animation'? Like so:
.class-one {
    animation: noise-anim 5s infinite;

.class-two {
    animation: noise-anim-2 5s infinite;
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CLR Browser's current chrome version is 37. The current desktop Chrome version is 47. CLR Browser severely needs an update...
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I have some interesting issues with the latest version: If I add a 1600x900 CLR Browser capture, I get a ton of GPU load (AMD Fury) and the frame rate tanks a ton. Seems like it's incredibly inefficient.

It directly is influenced by the size of the window in width and height, the larger the window, the worse the performance.

Going back to the v2 version in the OP makes it a bit better but it doesn't support transparency in the video which I need.

I can't seem to figure out a way to force the CPU to render or capture the scene. The WebGL option in advanced features doesn't do anything it seems like.


So I played around a bit more with this whole thing.

Turns out I can drop the GPU usage a ton with completely deleting any css even the default ones in the CLR Browser's source options.

Still, I can't figure out a way to force CPU rendering at all, the WebGL setting doesn't seem to change anything.

Tristen Grant

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I'm having an issues with the plugin on OBS Mac. Some sites work, others I guess this message "Your browser plugin does not expose a flash version. Please install Flash player for Firefox."

Is there a way to fix this? Again on my a Mac.


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So i figured out the issue of OBS crashing when trying to add a CLR source. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything but nothing worked. I figured that it might work on 32 bit OBS (it was crashing on 64 bit) and it worked flawlessly. So anyone having issues with clr browser on the 64 bit version of OBS try CLR for the 32 bit version


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Re: CLR Browser Source Plugin (New 64bit version, needs test

Ah, I should have clarified. I was looking to embed the autodj Youtube videos themselves, not the titles of the videos. Nightbot actually has a standalone executable that pulls song titles and the name of the person who requested them already (and there are a number of plugins out there that offer this functionality as well).

It's just the videos that I'd like to display, which can only be done, at least as far as I know, from the logged-in AutoDJ page.


Just as an update, I figured out how to copy cookies into the old, non-CLR browser plugin. Not sure where the cookies are in the CLR plugin, so I gave up on trying to use it for this.

After copying the cookies over, I was able to load Nightbot's AutoDJ page without any issue. :)

A word of warning to anyone else looking to do this, though: making the AutoDJ page a global source will cause it to play in the background forever, regardless of whether the scene you're on has the source loaded or not. The only way to stop it is to stop the stream, though you can mute the rendering process if you just want to ignore it.

I want to do Basicly the same i want to create a cookie and cache of a forum login with chromium and copy it over into the plugin and use it.
So the clr browser sees the forum instead of the no acess message (since hes not logged in).

How is that possible and is that possible ? ^^
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I have been trying to setup a webrtc connection on a page loaded by the plugin, but it seems to me that webkitRTCPeerConnection is undefined, is there any way I can use webrtc within clr ?


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Hi guys i have a problem.

Im just trying to make twitchalerts or streampro work on my stream. So i followed all instructions under . Everything is in the right folder. MS Visual C++ Run Times and .NET installation was allready uptodate. In OBS i also can add a CLR Browser and put in the link from twitchalerts for example. But when i try to test its not working. I allrdy reinstalled OBS 2 times and deleted everything.

So i was curious and installed OBS on my Laptop and added the twitchalert link in the CLR Browser and it worked immediately.
So Im not the problem and all files are in the correct folders.

NightDev, Twitchalerts and Streampro are not working.

Can anyone help me? Trying to fix it since days.
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@ryigui That screenshot looks like you did the opposite of disabling it. Scaling should be at 100% or disabled.
Hello sapiens. Sorry to respond to a moths old post but I'm trying to get my laptop to run OBS again. (Ive been using a roomm

Hello Sapiens. Sorry to be responding to a months old post but i'm Trying to get my laptop to work with OBS again. (I've been using my roommates since I gave up last time.) I changed the DPI scaling they way you showed in this last picture and while it made the buttons less compressed, they were all still very tiny. It also made everything else on my computer very small. Is there any other advice you may have?


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Any idea what would cause the CLR Browser Sub/Donation alerts to only come through one audio channel? I only hear it through one channel and so does the stream. Only effects OBS/CLR, all other audio is fine.


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im currently having problems with my CLR browser, i try adding it and it wont come up? can someone explain whats wrong please?