Choosing the correct laptop for our church for live streaming


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We are a small German church and we started to stream via youtube. Currently I am using my private PC and I am happy to see that it supports hatrdware encoding with QVC. We have one Zoom PTZ camera. 2 Soundinputs.
As far as I can see the quality with my I5-1035G1 is perfect. (16GB RAM, 512GB M2 SSD.).
Even using x264 encoding my CPU is just at 12%... with QVC at 2% (960x540 30FPS settings used from the automatic configuration)
Our upload speed isn't the best.

Now I am looking for a Laptop that we can buy for out church. So money is a "problem"
So I can get a cheap 8GB, 256GB SSD with a Intel Core i5-8265U Quad-Core. It has a UHD Graphics 620 graphic card.

Does this CPU also supports the Hardware QVC encoding. I couldn't find a list of CPUs with this encoding type.
For me it looks like that laptop is just a little less powerful than my current laptop, but I have a more current CPU...

So I am open for any advice.
I would be happy to hear a "This will work!

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