hardware encoding

  1. D

    No option for Hardware Encoding

    Been getting constant encoding overloads the last few days, even tho OBS mostly worked fine recording lighter games previously. I thought hardware encoding would fix it, but there is no option to do so. And I do have a graphics card.
  2. andrews54757

    Hardware Encoder on M1 Pro Overloads Horrifically

    The hardware encoder on M1 Pro using OBS 27.1.3 is not performing well. Recording using the base resolution of the screen (3024x1964), the hardware encoder will overload just by drag-shaking the OBS window rapidly with nothing else running at the same time. There are many dropped frames in the...
  3. xMRi

    Choosing the correct laptop for our church for live streaming

    Situation: We are a small German church and we started to stream via youtube. Currently I am using my private PC and I am happy to see that it supports hatrdware encoding with QVC. We have one Zoom PTZ camera. 2 Soundinputs. As far as I can see the quality with my I5-1035G1 is perfect. (16GB...
  4. R

    Question / Help Still doesn't enable Hardware Encoding for recent GPUs 2020

    Hello. I'm new at this thread, but I have a serious problem when I'm recording footage in 8K: I can't record footage when I'm using Hardware encoding regardless if it's AMD or NVIDIA. To keep in mind, I'm using the RTX 2080 Ti for the game, and the AMD Radeon 5700 XT for extra power (Originally...
  5. Y

    Question / Help Encoder overloaded while streaming and game primary window.

    Hello All, I've run into an odd issue that I've been smacking my head against for awhile now and can't seem to figure out. I built this PC for streaming in January and have had no problems streaming at 1080p60fps with Lanconz scaling and a 6000 bitrate until the past few weeks since version...
  6. M

    Question / Help Lag/Stutter on output using QuickSync

    Hello, ive been using OBS for a while now, just to record since i dont stream. I didnt have a graphics card, so ive always used x264 since my iGPU was running the games. However i now have a graphics card and according to everyone in the web QuickSync is some sort of magical thing that lets you...
  7. rahorns

    Question / Help Strange glitch when skipping through my recorded file

    Hello, I seem to be experiencing a strange glitch in my file after screen recording using OBS. This did not happen the first few times I recorded my screen but it is happening now, even though my settings have always been the exact same. To clarify what I mean with glitch, here is a video link...
  8. patomack

    Question / Help OBS NVENC Issues

    Hello all, I have been through quite a few threads on this issue and decided to reach out for some help. Problem: When trying to use nvenc in obs to record local video, I get the following error: Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details. Note: If you are using the NVENC...
  9. Cute_Spide

    Question / Help Stream Goes Down but OBS Looks Live and There's No Crash Report

    So this has been happening for almost every stream for 2 weeks now. Everything seems fine until suddenly it isn't. I first noticed this (while playing Dark Souls) in interaction with my bot. My bot (streamlabs chatbot) would get a white boarder around it like something had went wrong. Then I was...