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I have an NVIDIA card and as soon as I installed the software it gave me the usual black screen problem, but I managed to solve it, and now OBS works perfectly except for one thing.
I noticed that with the "capture window" function it is possible to register the window (such as a Chrome page) even when it is iconized. I tried to do it with my computer, but when I icon the page, OBS records a black screen. How can I solve this problem?
I also noticed that for the "capture the screen" function it is possible to hide the mouse pointer, but is it also possible for the "capture the window" function? If yes, how?
Thanks in advance.

this is the log file where i encountered the problem:


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OBS isn't able to capture if the corresponding app is minimized. Windows isn't updating the frame buffer for minimized apps, so it isn't possible for OBS to capture anything as long as this app is minimized. You can put this app behind some other app window, so that other window obscures the desired app. In this case, rendering still takes place. But you must not minimize that app.

Mouse hiding for window capture works for some windows, but not for all. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about. It's a Windows thing, nothing OBS can do about it.