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  1. O

    Drop in fps in the game when OBS "detects" Minecraft, just by detecting the game window the fps drops by around 60fps +-. Help!

    I'm only experiencing a big drop in fps in the game Minecraft, in the other games everything is normal. When I open the game it is at about 160 fps +-, when I just open OBS without detecting any window it is still working normally, but when OBS detects the Minecraft window (Both in "capture any...
  2. O

    Queda de fps no jogo ao OBS "detectar" o Minecraft, só de detectar a janela do jogo o fps cai em uns 60fps +-.

    Estou tendo uma grande queda de fps somente no jogo Minecraft, nos outros jogos está normal. Quando abro o jogo ele está em uns 160 fps +-, quando só abro o OBS sem detectar nenhuma janela ainda está funcionando normal, mas quando o OBS detecta a janela do Minecraft (Tanto em "capture any...
  3. G

    Capturing a specific window in my second screen

    Hello, i have my PC monitor and py TV monitor, My PC monitor is my main screen. I want to play in my main screen, record a stream from my second screen. i have done this: But as soon as y switch to another window in my second screen, OBS capture both and i dont understand why: what am I...
  4. brianmsm

    Question / Help I don't want to record a specific application

    In the last few months I started using OBS and I am really very happy with their work. It is amazing software, I really like it. However, I have faced a problem that I cannot find a solution. I want to stream an application (called Rstudio). I have tried the following. First, I wanted to use...
  5. C

    Question / Help "capture window" function problem

    I have an NVIDIA card and as soon as I installed the software it gave me the usual black screen problem, but I managed to solve it, and now OBS works perfectly except for one thing. I noticed that with the "capture window" function it is possible to register the window (such as a Chrome page)...
  6. W

    Question / Help Error in Window Capture / Erro em Captura de janela

    (PT/BR) Quando coloco pra capturar tela do software PokerStars fica desse jeito. Antes nao ficava assim... mas nao sei como aconteceu isso! A captura esta selecionando uma area maior que a propria janela aberta, como arrumar isto?! Obrigado! (ENG/ By: Google Translate) When I put it to get the...
  7. B

    Question / Help Doubt about Window Capture in OBS

    Hello, I have a question in the OBS, when I select 'capture window' in the program and select the program I want to transmit happens that any other program that stays ahead it is also transmitted, can anyone help me?