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Hello everyone!

I have been using OBS these past few days with minor issues that were due to my own faults. But browsing the forums have helped a lot! However after recording today for about 2 hrs, I can't find that particular long recording? I checked the recording path and the usual file location, but can't find the full recording. I was double and triple checking all throughout the recording to make sure that OBS was actually recording so it can't be that it stopped. What I instead have in my file are randomly sized, small clips from the beginning of the recording. Most were about 2-4 mins but there were several 0 -1 second clips as well.
Looking at the log, I can see that it stopped and started several times (why I'm not sure), but the longest recording (from 08:27:58.481: to 10:02:20.830:) is nowhere to be found.

Very grateful for any help! I really need this to pass my classes