1. S

    PiP position locking with static Dimensions

    I'm sorry but my english is not that good enough to find what im seeking. I have to setup a livestream of a ballgame. Hardware is working and the switching between the angles works too. I have a restriction from the platform i have to stream at, that the Moderation screen for Picture in Picture...
  2. M

    Can't locate recording

    Hello everyone! I have been using OBS these past few days with minor issues that were due to my own faults. But browsing the forums have helped a lot! However after recording today for about 2 hrs, I can't find that particular long recording? I checked the recording path and the usual file...
  3. I live outside the box.

    Draw area to be recorded directly on the screen with mouse/arrow keys.

    Very often, you want to use OBS to just record part of the screen. Figuring out and configuring the exact location, and especially the exact size, is a chore. Why not do it the way screenshot tools like Faststone Capture do it? User invokes function to select screen area. OBS takes screenshot...