Can I use a Virtual Machine to emulate my friend's PC?


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I want to help a friend to make the best out of his OBS for streaming, so I asked him to export the settings and profile to me and pass me the model of his MacBook.

As I'm waiting for this, I was looking for ways to have a more precise data to achieve the best results for his computer.

I also have a laptop, but I think with higher specs than his, as it's a recent laptop I bought from Lenovo store.

Also, I tried doing a stream on the same website as him with my own configuration and I didn't waste that many resources but I managed to run it smooth.

I'm wondering if I set up a Virtual Machine with the settings he will provide me I could test his setup as if I were in his pc.

Or, if you know any other way to help him out, please, reply this thread!


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OBS is not designed to run within a vm, because it heavily depends on the physical GPU of the system. A virtualized GPU in a vm is much less powerful, so OBS in a vm cannot duplicate any behavior of running directly.
In a vm, you will be able to help with designing and arranging a scene and source setup. Arranging scenes, designing overlays and such. But actual recording or actual streaming is not comparable.