virtual machine

  1. G

    Trying to record a virtual machine on VMware.

    Hello, today i'm trying to record a virtual machine, but when i try it, the virtual machine loks weird. Someone can help?
  2. PerfectGaming

    How do I stream to a Virtual machine

    I have a Windows virtual machine which I want to use to stream on Twitch since the laptop I use is pretty bad. Is there anyway I can stream my games to the virtual machine first so that it can then stream it to Twitch? They are not on the same network so NDI doesn't work :(.
  3. ramifaso

    Virtual Camera (v4l2loopback) on Ubuntu 20.04 VM: installation failure

    Log: Hello! I've installed the v4l2loopback module as instructed using `sudo apt -y install v4l2loopback-dkms v4l2loopback-utils linux-modules-extra-$(uname -r)` (from this link) to set up OBS' virtual camera. I've also run the `sudo modprobe...
  4. cristian44137

    Can I use a Virtual Machine to emulate my friend's PC?

    I want to help a friend to make the best out of his OBS for streaming, so I asked him to export the settings and profile to me and pass me the model of his MacBook. As I'm waiting for this, I was looking for ways to have a more precise data to achieve the best results for his computer. I...