Bug report w/ obs 26.1.1 and Windows


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not too sure where to post bug reports but I figure the forum is the spot for it.
I have a little issue with OBS's capture on a 4k screen using (windows) HDR. The capture is not updating properly until I release any kind of input I am doing, such as mouse click, drag operations, etc. For reference, I am using screen capture for this and my other screens and an RTX 2080 gpu.

I have two other screens that are both 4K and not HDR , and these do work just fine.

If this is seen and any other info is needed i'll be happy to provide. I'll pass in a log file with this post. Thanks!


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OBS does not support HDR yet. Turn off HDR and problem will be gone.
HDR is unfortunately Niche enough that a lot of the recording softwares do not support it. OBS is one of them