Question / Help Avermedia lgp lite gl310 not showing anything on OBS

I bought an Avermedia lgp lite gl310 and I am using OBS Studio V 24.0.3 (64 bit) on Windows 10.
I have tried the 32 bit version of OBS as well. Same result.

The capture card works with the Avermedia software, and in OBS I do see it in the list of
video capture devices, but the feed is either missing, or it is stuck on 1 frame.

I once got it to work while streaming from a laptop after several failures, but on a 2nd attempt it failed.
I get the same error streaming from my PS4 or another computer. I seem to have slightly less luck on the PS4 than the other PC though.
I have attached the log file of one of these sessions.


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I found a workaround...
A. Make sure HDCP is turned off on your PS4 or console.
As I tested the workaround suddenly it worked normally... but
in case I have this problem again... open the ReCentral software for the card.
Go to "capture", set that to full screen(on a second monitor preferably), and then
feed that monitor to OBS... problem solved. It works.


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Yo guys, we figured.

So you gotta install specific version of StreamEngine for it to work. We first tried with latest on AverMedia website and had blackscreen in OBS but working in RECentral. Then we tried: Date:2016-01-13 Version:Stream Engine v1.3.0.13 (Beta).
It works now in OBS 64-bit, Windows 10 64bit.

Date:2016-01-13 Version:Stream Engine v1.3.0.13 (Beta)
OS:Win7 x86, Win7 x64, Win8.1 x86, Win8.1 x64, Win10 x86, Win10 x64 Description:•The LGP Lite Stream Engine makes LGP Lite compatible with DirectShow compliant software (e.g., OBS, WireCast, FME...) by creating a virtual device called LGP Lite Stream Engine”. •Simultaneously record the LGP Lite video source while streaming. * LGP Lite driver must be pre-installed before running the LGP Lite Stream Engine.

I hope links allowed, this is direct link to avermedia