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    Audio stuttering | AverMedia Stream Engine

    I just bought AVerMedia’s LGP Lite capture card, and when I was testing it I realised that, when I set the quality in AVerMedia’s Stream Engine to 720p or 768p, the audio stutters, both for recording and for streaming. When I listen to the captured audio it sounds just fine, that’s why I...
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    Question / Help Avermedia lgp lite gl310 not showing anything on OBS

    Hi. I bought an Avermedia lgp lite gl310 and I am using OBS Studio V 24.0.3 (64 bit) on Windows 10. I have tried the 32 bit version of OBS as well. Same result. The capture card works with the Avermedia software, and in OBS I do see it in the list of video capture devices, but the feed is...