Autoswitching Scenes with League of Legends

Taco Storm

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Hi Everybody,

I have two scenes in OBS set up for streaming LoL, one when I'm in the lobby (which uses one .exe, let's call it client.exe), and one when I'm in game (which uses a different .exe, call it game.exe). I have auto switching setup so that when OBS detects the 2nd .exe, it switches to the correct scene.

However, when I alt-tab out of the game (to check a browser or something), OBS switches back the original scene. This is likely because I have it set up so that when it no longer detects the game.exe, it switches back to the first scene. But it shouldn't be switching back, because the game.exe is still around, I've just alt-tabbed out of it. I would expect that it continue to show the game because the game.exe is still alive.

I've confirmed that this happend regardless of windowed, borderless or fullscreen settings of the game.exe. I'm just wondering if anybody's found a solution so that it stays on the game.exe scene regardless of what window has focus.

Taco Storm

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how is the program supposed to know that you are deliberately leaving the program, it only does what it should do. is there a hotkey to switch off the change?

I mean, OBS should be able to see when a process is active. If it sees the process, it switches, when it no longer sees the process, it goes back. Alt-Tabbing doesn't affect the process being active....


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Unfortunately, this is the expected behavior. The scene switcher is meant to follow the active window. It looks permanently for the active window, and if it finds a match of the active window title in his rules, it switches to the corresponding scene. If the active window isn't in the rules, and you configured the "When no window matches, switch to ..." default, it switches to that default window.

Now, if you play LoL (game, not lobby), LoL becomes the active window. You made a autoswitcher rule, so it switches to your LoL scene.
If you tab out, LoL isn't the active window any more. Instead, some random window or the desktop is the active window. This random window isn't in your autoswitcher rules, so it applies the default rule, which says to switch to your LoL lobby scene.

There is no way in the autoswitcher to monitor the existence of any window. It only looks for the active window.

You might take a look for the advanced scene switcher plugin, perhaps it has a functionality to do what you want: