auto scene switch

  1. C

    Switch Scene if Video Source has Transparent Pixels

    I have a situation when streaming where I have one video source that can either have transparency and be an "extra detail" in the stream, or it can have no transparency and be the main focus of the stream. Is there a way to get an automatic scene switch based on whether or not the source has...
  2. Y

    Auto scene switch after a specified time if the image on the current scene or object does not change.

    Hey! Sorry if I am writing a post in the wrong section or if I ask a question for which there is already a topic, since I do not speak English well and therefore have some difficulties in searching the forum. Can you please tell me how to set up an advanced automatic scene switch (or a standard...
  3. S

    automatic regular scene switcher

    Hi guys, I would like to stream and automatically switch back and forth between 2 scenes on a regular basis. Do you have a solution for this? Thanks in advance LG Schlamii
  4. T

    Autoswitching Scenes with League of Legends

    Hi Everybody, I have two scenes in OBS set up for streaming LoL, one when I'm in the lobby (which uses one .exe, let's call it client.exe), and one when I'm in game (which uses a different .exe, call it game.exe). I have auto switching setup so that when OBS detects the 2nd .exe, it switches to...
  5. juny1209

    I'm looking for auto scene switcher using source as trigger

    Hello. I'm looking for plugin or tool of auto scene switcher using source as trigger. What I'm looking for is scene is switched automatically when specific image or part is detected on source. I'm trying to find proper plugin or tool but I can't find any proper plugin or tool. Does someone...
  6. L

    Automation scripts/plugins

    Question I’m using obs as a music video channel and was wondering if there’s a script for playing certain clips at certain times during the hour? Similar to how PAL scripts are used for automation Sams broadcaster...
  7. Z

    Question / Help automatic sense switching for DJ stream

    I need a way my scene's can switch automatically while i a DJing. I just need the senes to go round a loop. Is there a way I can make the sense loop from scene 1 to scene 4 on it's own then back to the start again
  8. Ronald Cz

    Question / Help Return to Scene after video plays

    I wanted to put a camera on a host and then cut to a commercial. After the commercial I wanted to scene to automatically switch to a pre selected scene. Is that possible without manually switching it? I don't want to have black scene for a few seconds. What would be nice is to show a...