1. diagom02

    Loss of output quality at times of sudden movement within the game.

    Greetings.! I am having a problem with the output of the content either streaming or recording. I'll show it briefly in a video, just notice the movement of the character. GPU: AMD Radeon RX 570 4Gb Is there a specific configuration to improve this? I got to try with the recording software...
  2. I

    League of legends will/wont capture

    I am having an issue where my league of legends is not being captured by OBS 80% of the time. Yes, I have the Client which is referred to as "LeagueClientUX.exe" in window mode, automatic, window title must match. I have the in game client known as "LOL (TM) Client" in game capture> Capture...
  3. T

    Autoswitching Scenes with League of Legends

    Hi Everybody, I have two scenes in OBS set up for streaming LoL, one when I'm in the lobby (which uses one .exe, let's call it client.exe), and one when I'm in game (which uses a different .exe, call it game.exe). I have auto switching setup so that when OBS detects the 2nd .exe, it switches to...
  4. UnluckyThunder

    Kb/s downspikes when streaming league of legends (only in game)

    Greetings, I've recently started streaming league of legends and i noticed my bitrate drops really hard when i hop in the game itself. I've tried streaming for several weeks now but nothing change... my internet connection is stable since i can stream other games like Valorant or Brawlhalla...