Audio level fluctuating out of nowhere


New Member
Hello everyone, first time posting here, actually made the account because of this issue.

I'm not sure what happened, but a few weeks ago every time I record a video for my channel, the audio level of my mic keeps fluctuating. Some parts it will be really loud, other parts its like you can barely hear me. All of this fluctuation happens within sentences, and it doesn't seem to matter what settings I'm tweaking. It's honestly getting to the point where I'm worried about posting videos because I can't get the mic level to be stationary like it was previously. The issue began before I started trying to change any of the settings I have in the filters section on my microphone. Everything was perfect, then for seemingly no reason everything changed.

I'm using a Blue Yeti mic plugged directly into my computer. I have an Acer Nitro5 laptop.