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Aitum Vertical 1.4.1


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Am I supposed to get audio on the virtual camera? I'm trying to stream through TikTok Studio Live, I start the virtual camera and select it in Studio Live as video capture, but how do I capture the audio as well as it is output from OBS?

I would appreciate any help :)


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Hi, unfortunately the installer does not work on my Mackbook Pro with M1 Pro, it always says installation failed, what can I do?


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@Aitum what if my monitor is at 1920x1080? Does the plugin still capture the screen at 2160x3840 or does it capture video at whatever my monitor is set at?


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@sotspodcast at the moment obs does not support plugins to have an own audio pipeline, so it uses the main obs audio pipeline.
On the Aitum Vertical help site there are troubleshooters and guides about how to setup your audio using this.
If they don't help, please make a post in the vertical support channel of the Aitum Discord.


@Exeldro I have all the boxes checked to use the same settings as OBS but no audio goes over the stream when I use the vertical plugin. Regular OBS canvas has audio, the vertical one does not.


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updated to the last version (and obs 30.0) and the plugin is no longer present in OBSStudio. tried to re install w/o success :| it was working prior to the update


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Hey @Exeldro

Im running an older version of OBS - OBS 27. Im limited by my very old GPU, hence I need to use that version of OBS in order to have NVENC capability ( GTX 670 GPU ).

Is there any possibility we can get a version of this plugin for OBS 27?


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Hello, maybe a dumb question but would there be any way to have 2nd instance of the aitum vertical canvas running somehow?


Is there going to be an option later to have the ability to group sources ? in the vertical sources , would also be nice to be able to copy and paste transform which i do not currently see in the Vertical Source Transform options


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Hey, love the pluggin, just wondering if its possible to use blending modes in the sources? and how I can achieve this? thank you!!!