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Aitum updated Aitum Vertical with a new update entry:

Version 1.2.5

Aitum Vertical Plugin 1.2.5
  • Fix error when switching scene collection
Fix issue relating to transitions that caused an error
  • Fix potential crash on shutdown
When obs websocket unloads before vertical unloads it causes a crash, this is now fixed

Aitum Vertical Plugin 1.2.4
  • Fix error when switching scene collection
Don't transition away when switching scene collection to make sure all sources can be...

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is there anything stopping advanced scene switcher from seeing vertical scenes?
also can we go higher quality? or does it have to be locked at 1920x1080


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This is such a wonderful plugin! If I could make a suggestion. If you added a vitual webcam option to the vertical section, people could simultaneously and seamlessly stream to twitch and youtube in landscape mode, and also stream to tiktok through the virtual, into tiktok live studio. This is my dream. This would allow so much more creative freedoms and it would really blend both streams together so there isn't any gaps between them. You can accomplish this now, but in a very dimished way. -Rage


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Firstly - THANKYOU. This is exactly what I need. Just something i noticed (and maybe its an OBS limitation), when I add a dedicated source with audio, to the Vertical Sources (that doesn't exist in the regular sources) it doesn't show up in the audio recording (I've set the Vertical plugin to patch through track 6, seperate to track 1 which is used by regular stream)

I have the Audio Monoitor plugin so I can see when audio plays through the various tracks

Yes my setup is a little complex for ... reasons lol


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@Buckle a limitation in OBS makes vertical use the audio from the main canvas. So you can add the audio on your main canvas and only have it on a track that is used for vertical

Tri House

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Amazing plugin! Would love the ability to copy and paste sources, but I'm assuming this is a limitation within OBS?
I want to setup a hotkey to change vertical scenes on the vertical canvas window only. But instead it was the main canvas window where the scene is changing.


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Anyone else having issues with 'Transition Override'? I can set a transition override and it works once, but after that the transition override is set to 'None' again. The same thing happens when I close OBS; it forgets I've set a transition override for scene.


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Hi @Aitum and @Exeldro ,
Because Davinci Resolve doesn't handle .mkv when I want to use the Media Management tool (that is VERY awesome to preserve disk space), I wanted to record with the "new" format OBS provide : mp4/mov fragmented.
Does the plugin use this format when we chose mp4 or mov? If not, do you think it would be possible to implement it?
Thank you, have a nice day!


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Im looking to send a websocket to atium vertical that changes the stream key in the streaming settings automatically so i dont have to do it all the time

but i couldnt find a request in the registry that handles settings....any ideas?