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why when i press record and the sound don't work , my first scene works fine but when I press record vertical plug all my record no sound why
vertical canvas has its own stream and record settings. If you don't want different settings than your usual OBS, just use that checkmark, otherwise you're probably just not recording any of the audio tracks



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I just spent 8 hours leaning C++ and going through the steps of downloading the github source files
adding my changes to allow the stream key to be updated with a vendor requesttype update_stream_key and "stream_key" in the request data

i saved it

i learned how to download obs development files, use cmake to create the sln
i downloaded visual studio learned how to build the dll and pbb file

i was so excited when i saw it working in my custom OBS build (that i had to make)
and heartbroken when i copied the plugin files to my actual original OBS directory of the same version 29.1.3

and it didnt work anymore...

i am honestly.....out of ideas at this point. Hurt because im a determined person who thought i could do this


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Using script to use a different keyboard with (like a stream deck), streamer bot is not finding the vertical backtrack or vertical recordings. It only finds the main OBS window recordings. Would this be something silly I am doing or missing??? Do you have any ideas? Also if switching vertical scenes, it does not switch them in the vertical window, it will take the vertical sources and put them in the main OBS window... Any help would be much appreciated... Thank you in advance...


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O plugin é maravilhoso e acrescenta muito ao OBS. A única coisa que sinto falta é uma opção de desativar o plugin temporariamente, quando não quiser usá-lo verticalmente (ocultando as cenas verticais, fontes e salvando o processamento).


Noticed something happening when I change one setting, if I untick "Use main OBS settings" on the recording tab to change the name of the file to simply add "vertical" to the front of it, I get 100% CPU usage like it's running the CPU encoder twice, otherwise I sit around 40-60% usage and everything is fine. Even though it set as "use stream encoder".

In the streaming settings in the vertical plugin, it's set to "Use stream encoder". So there shouldnt be a conflict there.

The reason I wanted to do this was to be able to 1) Rename the file and 2) Change which audio track it records.

The additional issue here is that using the main obs settings, also seems to use the main recording path rather than the stated path.


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@ToejaM did you restart obs after changing the settings? for more support please use the Aitum discord vertical-support channel


@ToejaM did you restart obs after changing the settings? for more support please use the Aitum discord vertical-support channel
No bud, the first time it happened I ended up having to turn off my PC as I couldnt get to the button to stop the stream.

Second time it happened, I managed to stop the stream but now I think about it, it carried on with the encoder taking it up to above 50% (I assume the recording encoder was still going as my CPU usage was through the roof for it being at "idle with just the usual programs open").

After that, I set it back to what it was before and haven't had an issue since.


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I don't know if it is a setting with my program or the plugin.

Whenever I save the backtrack, it saves it as 1920x1080 with a replay buffer. Without a replay buffer, it saves it as 1080x1920.


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Aitum updated Aitum Vertical with a new update entry:

Version 1.3.0

  • Added AV1 streaming support
  • Added multiple output support for the Vertical canvas (akin to multi-rtmp support)
  • Added ability to start/stop individual outputs from the Vertical streaming button
  • Added show and hide transitions for sources on the Vertical canvas
  • Added helpful “View Guide” links to each setting page
  • Added common 16:9 resolution presets
  • Added ability to update Stream Key and Stream Server via obs-websockets (by phillypro and 350d)...

Read the rest of this update entry...


Noticed on my playback of my livestream that any media source I had in the vertical canvas would play no audio to the stream but played it locally in the monitors. Was set to play on both. May be something to look into.


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I noticed with the update you can record at 3840x2160 but that is the square option. Is there no option for a vertical 4K video? From my understanding that would be 2160x3840