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OBS Lua Advanced Timer 6.0.0


cg2121 submitted a new resource:

Advanced Timer - Sets a text source to act as a countdown or countup timer.

This script adds the following options to the original countdown script:

Mode - set to countup or countdown
Countdown duration (seconds) - instead of minutes with original script
Show tenths - adds tenths of seconds (00:00:00.0)
Global - timer is always going even when source is not active
Start timer on activation - timer is restarted when source is activated

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Nice work. I'd love an additional mode "Countdown To". Rather than counting down from a fixed starting duration, I'd like it to countdown to a fixed end time. Example, countdown to 8pm. I would like that to be the next occurrence of that time.


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Hi, nice script!

But I've got a problem: if I'm using studio mode my timer will showing only the moment I switched to the scene with the timer source. In my preview, the timer works normaly. It looks like it won't update the timer when the scene is active. Anyone else with a problem like this or is my obs broken?


Hi, suggestion regarding the format of the timer

Could it be implemented that output of the timer be customisable?

for example:
Currently the timer shows as 00:00:00 (or 00:00:00.0)

Customized format could allow: 00h:00m:00s / 00hr:00min:00sec / 00hrs:00mins:00secs / etc
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cg2121 updated Advanced Timer with a new update entry:

Advanced Timer 0.3

Added ability to set time format.

The default format is: %hh:%mm:%ss (00:00:00)

Other formatting options:
%d - days
%%hh - hours with leading zero
%h - hours
%mm - minutes with leading zero (00..59)
%m - minutes (0..59)
%MM - minutes with leading zero (00..infinity)
%M - minutes (0..infinity)
%ss - seconds with leading zero (00..59)
%s - seconds (0..59)
%SS - seconds with leading zero (00..infinity)
%S - seconds (0..infinity)
%t - tenths<br />

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Im really interested in this script. Is it possible that you can add once the countdown is done it shows like a text for example "enjoy the stream" or something else?


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Im really interested in this script. Is it possible that you can add once the countdown is done it shows like a text for example "enjoy the stream" or something else?
There's an option to do that labelled "Countdown final text". You just have to type out what you want in it's text box, and it will display it when the timer is finished.


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Can this script be updated to show the live uptime? Adding an Activation mode: "Start Broadcast", starting from 0:00:00, counting up from when user hits 'start streaming'?

Basically, just letting us show the uptime on screen


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I am new to OBS and am trying to use this script. I have it loaded into the scripts, but when I set a time, nothing happens. It does not start the recording. What am I doing wrong?


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Love this script, we use it at work and I'm looking to use it from my personal streams. I have a use case that might not be in high demand, but essentially I have two dedicated times that I'd always use this timer for. Is it possible to write a function that allows me to call these two predetermined times via a hot key?

if that doesn't make sense; I do a nightly stream at 9pm Tuesday and a 10am stream on Saturday. I'd love to hit a hotkey and have the counter switch to time for the next stream.


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Don't want to sound like a noob but can anyone please tell me how to get this to work? I've downloaded it and added the script to my OBS, assigned it to a text file in the same directory but can't seem to get it to work. What am I missing?

Also, how do I add a hotkey to start and stop it?


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I've been looking for something like this! Thank you so much for it. One thing I'm trying to figure out with the format, is it possible to remove the hour or minutes once it zero? So, 00:23:20 would show as 23:20 and 00:00:55 would show as 55. I tried to play around with the leading zero options but can't tune it right. Thank you!