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OBS Lua Advanced Timer 6.0.0


  • Added ability to count up from specific time
  • Added ability to use multiple lines with formatting
  • Added ability to switch to a scene when the timer is finished
  • Fixes issues with formatting not working sometimes
  • Fixes issue where timer would start, if reset when paused
The formatting has changed for leading zeros.
  • %hh is now %0h and so on for hours, minutes and seconds
Requires OBS 26.0.0 or newer

- Added the ability for hundredths and thousandths accuracy
- Added an option to countup when countdown is done
- Fixed bug where text sources wouldn't show up properly
  • Now works with both preview and program in studio mode
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  • Added the ability to count down to specific year, month, day and time (chri11g6)
  • Added seconds to specific time mode (chri11g6)
  • Fixed text sources not being listed
  • Fixed all settings showing up when first loaded
Changed the default timer format to %HH:%mm:%ss
Added ability to set time format.

The default format is: %hh:%mm:%ss (00:00:00)

Other formatting options:
  • %d - days
  • %hh - hours with leading zero (00..23)
  • %h - hours (0..23)
  • %HH - hours with leading zero (00..infinity)
  • %H - hours (0..infinity)
  • %mm - minutes with leading zero (00..59)
  • %m - minutes (0..59)
  • %MM - minutes with leading zero (00..infinity)
  • %M - minutes (0..infinity)
  • %ss - seconds with leading zero (00..59)
  • %s - seconds (0..59)
  • %SS - seconds with leading zero (00..infinity)
  • %S - seconds (0..infinity)
  • %t - tenths
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1. Added countdown to specific time (ie: start timer that counts down to 8:00 pm)
2. Added streaming timer (timer starts when streaming)
3. Added recording timer (timer starts when recording)
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