A way to have sources all transition when you swap to a scene in OBS?


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I'm sorry for not being too clear in the title. I have an "end stream" scene in OBS that has my blur, socials and graphics showing what i'm playing currently, what i will be playing next, and what i have coming soon. I'd like to try and make it more animated so that the sources all come onto the scene one by one with whatever transition filter i apply to the item. if there a way for me to set this up in OBS? I'm currently on OBS 27.0.1 64-bit windows if that helps.

if this is the improper place to ask this please let me know. i haven't posted to a forum in quite a while.


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Depending on your sources and transitions you may be able to do something like this:
Set the transition time for each source so it finishes after the previous (ex. 1000ms, 3000ms, 5000ms, 7000ms, etc.)
Put all sources in a group (as visible)
Hide the group.
Create a keyboard shortcut to switch to the scene and show the group.