2 Video Capture devices not showing at the same time


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Hi, so I've run into a fair amount of issues trying to set up my streaming on OBS - first controlling game audio, then not hearing the game, and now the most recent issue I'm having is that my webcam and game video are not showing up at the same time. I'm using a foscomax capture card to stream on switch, and my webcam and switch video were showing up at the same time until I fixed the game audio issue, I'm wondering if that is related? The webcam and capture card video work fine separately so I know it's not a webcam issue. I've fiddled around with the settings, restarted my computer and OBS, and now I don't know what to do. I'm so frustrated and I'm wondering if I accidentally messed up some of the settings so if this sounds like a settings issue that you know of please help me!!! I'm not sure if a screenshot would help so please let me know. Thank you!