2 media sources but cant monitor


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I added a media source to scene with a mp3 file, in advanced audio set to monitor & output. When I start the scene you can hear it on the youtube stream but not through my desktop speakers. I cant hear the music unless I change the advance audio to monitor off and back to monitor & output. Any reason why it wouldn't continue to monitor through speakers? I have 2 media sources and one is muted but the MP3 is set to monitor and output


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My issue is 180 degrees opposed to this. I can monitor the sound from "media source" files through my headphones but the viewer at the other end only sees the video component. I have the setting for monitor and output selected. 3 of my scenes have music, 2 of them MP3s and 1 an MP4 animation with audio. Very perplexed as to why I can hear it but not them. I am porting OBS through a virtual cam and using Zoom for video meetings.