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  1. D

    Issue when exporting audio

    If I want to record something, I don't have the audio from my mic and also not from the video, I am using in the background. When I have enabled monitoring, I can here myself as well as the video. But the file in the folder I export to, doesn't have any sound. Best regarts Tobias
  2. I

    Unable to hear sound alerts and media sources suddenly

    About a week ago I stopped hearing my Alerts for new followers, subs, etc. and all of my media sources, though they were still getting picked up in stream and my chat can hear it fine. I went into advanced audio properties and turned everything to monitor off, then back to monitor and output and...
  3. W leaks Microphone Input into Display Capture Audio Output is a tool to remove noise and leave just your microphone voice in your recordings. It works great except that it leaks the mic input into the audio output (captured through MacOS screen capture - Display Capture) on my Macbook Air M1. I'm using Ventura 13.2. Here are my settings (krisp...
  4. K

    duplicate stream audio to headphone jack

    I am using OBS to stream interpreter with speaker using auto ducking. It works fine on YouTube Live. I can hear the speaker when the interpreter pauses. I like to duplicate the stream audio to the headphone (for in-person audience). I tried monitoring the speaker and interpreter sources, but...
  5. D

    Every time I restart my computer my capture card's audio output stops working

    I recently bought one of those cheap capture cards and I've honestly been very surprised with how good it is for the price. But one issue I'm having with it is that every time I restart my computer, the audio output capture source I set up on OBS for the card stops working, the video output...
  6. J

    Virtual Audio Output

    So first of all, I'm very glad that OBS studio added a virtual video output, so I don't have to use any plugin for it anymore. However, I'd like to see virtual audio output added into OBS, where you can maybe have multiple virtual audio outputs, and you could select what you audio tracks would...
  7. B

    Audio in my stream has echo, Mic volume since to be affecting the output from PS4

    Hi Everyone! So below are my settings for [Advanced Audio Properties] and [Video Properties for 'Video Capture Device] . I've actually spent quite some time figuring this settings out, months of trying, if I'm not being exhagerated. When I finally got to work my Audio and Mic, here's what's...
  8. S

    Audio Output Capture on Windows Partition Needs Resetting Every Time?

    I run OBS on a Windows partition on my Mac. Any time I turn on OBS or switch scenes, the only way I can pick up desktop audio is by making a new audio output capture. And I have to do it every time. It shows that audio is being picked up on the meters, but my stream wont have it. Anyone else who...
  9. P

    OBS not detecting audio from output

    For a while now, I've been wanting to be able to play music, a stream, etc. while I was streaming. And the headphones I use, SteelSeries Arctis 5, technically have two audio playback devices, "Arctis 5 Chat" and "Arctis 5 Game". My thought was that I could play the audio I wanted the stream to...
  10. A

    No audio output from video

    I just installed OBS and the Virtual Cam on my Windows 10 computer. The ultimate goal is to use the virtual camera in Zoom, and seamlessly transition from camera to pre-recorded videos. Everything works great, except the pre-recorded videos have no audio in OBS or Zoom. Volume is all the way up...
  11. S

    my obs desktop audio isnt being recorded

    other than my mic you cant hear any audio and the desktop audio bar doesnt move. log -
  12. K

    How to use the OBS audio in my MS Teams meeting?

    Hello together :) I am currently trying to figure out how to use the OBS audio in my MS Teams Meetings. I have an external microphone that is connected to my MacBook Pro 2019. The microphone works fine and I can also find it in OBS and work with it. When I'm trying to set up my Microsoft Teams...
  13. B

    Select audio tracks have stopped recording with out any indication of why

    So, I have used OBS for months now. It has worked great until today. I had stopped a recording to walk away. (not paused, Stopped) I came back after a short while and started recording again but, 2 of my 3 tracks aren't recording now. 1. yes, the advanced settings are set to three different...
  14. E

    2 media sources but cant monitor

    I added a media source to scene with a mp3 file, in advanced audio set to monitor & output. When I start the scene you can hear it on the youtube stream but not through my desktop speakers. I cant hear the music unless I change the advance audio to monitor off and back to monitor & output. Any...
  15. P

    Audio Ouput is Echoing... Not the Mic/Voice of Mine

    I was recording with my Friend on MY Computer and HE ECHOED... Not Me. So then i recorded some normal Desktop Audio and My Audio Output Was Echoing.. NOT MY MIC OR MY VOICE... Also here is the Log:
  16. T

    Question / Help Vr oculus recording

    So i have a oculus but i have the link and when i plug it in, it gives me a headphone and a microphone on my sound option when i have all the headphones disabled and just have the oculus headphone enabled it doesn't record background audio, what do all of you think? In obs i have oculus...
  17. Zarb

    Question / Help Audio not being picked up.

    So, no matter what I've tried, whether it be changing things around in my settings, or uninstalling and re-installing OBS, I cannot get it to pick up my audio through either the "Desktop Audio" or the "Audio Output Capture", I have it all set to the correct devices, and nothing has worked. My...
  18. K

    Question / Help Odd audio problem. Looking for insight.

    So here is a clip on twitch to show that around the 26 second marker the audio suddenly becomes a bit jank > CLIP I think I'm honing in on the problem but I'm looking to see if anyone else has experienced this. I use Streamlabs Chatbot (formerly Ankhbot) for the song request function and noticed...
  19. O

    Question / Help IShowU Audio Capture is Capturing Audio... But I can not hear the audio?

    It says It is capturing the audio, But because the audio is an output, I can't hear it. I just downloaded OBS so I am very new to this so I do not understand. I am trying to live stream me drawing, but I also want to hear the music I play.
  20. P

    Question / Help trouble using apogee Duet and output device

    I'm really new to all of this and I'm having an issue where my Apogee Duet (audio interface) will not show up as an output device for my desktop sound. it will work for the input for a microphone but not for the desktop audio output. please help.