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My in-game fps is absolutely fine, around 85FPS. When I try to record 1440p or 4K, the videos, when played back, are completely unwatchable, with just a frame every couple of seconds. Any help?

PC Specs: i7 8700k
GTX 1080ti
16GB drr4 RAM
M.2 Storage

Recording settings & log file are attached.



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No output session in log.

Open OBS. Start an output session (streaming or recording). Observe your issue. Stop the output session. Upload the Current log without quitting OBS.

Unlikely you can record 4k60 in a single PC configuration on a 1080. Less likely you can do it without a framerate cap.

In addition, the RGBA color space is a non-default setting and is not recommended as it will greatly increase load. Switch to NV12.

14:43:41.799: video settings reset:
14:43:41.799: base resolution: 3840x2160
14:43:41.799: output resolution: 3840x2160
14:43:41.799: downscale filter: Bicubic
14:43:41.799: fps: 60000/1001
14:43:41.799: format: RGBA


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By trying to record 4k lossless with 60 fps and RGBA, you're completely overloading your system, regardless of how powerful it might be. With RGBA alone you are bringing most recordings to a grinding halt.

Reset your whole config by creating a fresh profile. Click Profile->new and create a fresh one. Then do Tools->Auto Configuration Wizard.

Then try a recording with the values the wizard recommended. Keep resolution and quality settings, just verify that the recommended values work and produce acceptable video. Now you know recording in general will work. After that you can start to fine tune settings, but don't change everything at once. Change only one setting at a time and do a test recording to see the impact of the change.
Never forget to revert any change that doesn't do what you intended or that seemed to do nothing.