Question / Help 0 dropped/lagged/skipped frames, but choppy stream on dual PC setup. Using NDI.


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Built a separate streaming PC for use with NDI. Getting 0 dropped, lagged, or skipped frames, but stream still has constant stuttering. Was aiming to stream x264 Medium at 720p, 60fps, at 6000 bitrate. Still get random stuttering at Fast, & Faster. Download/upload speed is 114/12 Mbps. Using a gigabit ethernet switch with Cat6 cables. NDI Scan converter on gaming PC, with SLOBS on streaming PC.

Streaming PC Specs: Ryzen 7 1700, GT 710, 8gb dual channel 3000 mhz RAM

Any help would be appreciated. I get better looking streams using nvenc from the 710, which makes absolutely 0 sense to me.

Logs below: