1. cristian44137

    YouNow Material 1.0

    YouNow Material Theme About Inspired on Material Design, and with OBS 28 Grey theme as a foundation, YouNow Material is deeper in greys than the base Grey theme to adapt to prolonged use and to make it more visually attractive, and it pairs up with YouNow in dark mode perfectly. YouNow...
  2. 2

    Help I am trying to stream on Younow

    Hi i am trying to stream on Younow but i am unable to stream it always says that there is an error connecting to server even when i put stream key in. Before when i tried to stream and go to younow, it would always reroute to facebook live stream everytime, uninstalled and reinstalled to see if...
  3. OinkQuack

    OBS-YouNow Video Audio Phasing/Doubling

    I am successfully streaming from OBS to YouNow. I created scenes containing a Display Capture and a Media Source for videos. All I do is stream a sequence of videos. When listening on the computer I stream from, I can’t hear anything until I switch the video audio to “Monitor and output”, then...
  4. F

    Please help the YouNow community

    YouNow is a really fun and interactive streaming cite and everyone is nice to one another. I have been talking to a lot of the other gamers on there and they wish OBS had YouNow as a Service like they do with twitch, youtube, and others. This would not just help the gamers, but all of the...
  5. S

    YouNow (April 2019 Update) Not Listed as a Streaming Service Option

    YouNow states to select their company from the list of streaming service providers in OBS, and list an image on their site. But OBS doesn't list them in the latest version of OBS. This is from their site: This is from OBS Studio v23.1.0 (64 bit)
  6. laika

    Question / Help YouNow Streaming

    Hi, Does anyone know how to hook up OBS to the current version of YouNow? I believe the support page on the site is outdated as the site seems to have been updates fairly recently. If anyone's had any luck let me know, Thanks