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YouNow is a really fun and interactive streaming cite and everyone is nice to one another. I have been talking to a lot of the other gamers on there and they wish OBS had YouNow as a Service like they do with twitch, youtube, and others. This would not just help the gamers, but all of the broadcasters as a whole. YouNow grows every day and more and more people will get to see others use obs on there, which will help everyone because a lot of people are thinking of buying software that is wickedly expensive just to work with that application. So if you were to get this to have YouNow I really do think it would have an impact on the community of YouNow and instead of them buying software they will donate money to you guys and every time I stream I will tell everyone about obs and what it can do. I know you are very busy, but this would mean a lot to me and the rest of the community as a whole. Have a great day! - FadeLess


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As you can see there is no younow and this is the latest version obs 25.0.8 (64 BitWindows ) i even reinstalled it and it is the same no younow.