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  1. Theagames10

    Roblox Window Capture not working properly

    It's been like 2 years since i've been here on these forums, and in this time, I get a new gaming laptop and so far it is going great. I went to try out OBS with Roblox tonight, but then saw Roblox in like a quarter of the capture with a glitchy mouse in the bottom of the capture, and it just...
  2. C

    Network issue using OBS

    Hi, I'm having some serious network issues using OBS. Around 5 minutes after I start streaming, my bitrate drops to 0 and my entire network gets repeatedly knocked out and restarts. I've had this happen on two entirely separate systems on two different networks 700 miles apart. The only time it...
  3. T

    Question / Help Desktop Picking Up Monitor audio

    I've tried looking around the settings and messing with my audio a bit but whenever I have monitoring on at all (both options do this) my desktop audio picks up my monitored mic. I'm using this for streaming and just would like to hear myself too hear how I sound without the stream also getting...
  4. S

    Question / Help Audio pops/glitches while recording

    So, I've been recording some Geometry Dash lately, and I've noticed that the audio pops and glitches at an extreme scale. It's extremely unbearable and I want it to stop. I've messed around with settings, looking at other forums, running OBS as admin, etc. It also appears as if the bass in the...