1. Vari_Jaantje

    Obs crash after playing Webm. file

    Hey guys, I wanted to 'upgrade' my opening scene so I made a short film (no audio) with clips from me and friends having fun in stream. Sort of a trailer what people are getting in to. I made it into a Webm. file. It is 5 min long. I made it loop (just in case) But after playing it for a minute...
  2. Stream IT Support

    Media Source resizing aspect ratio of video.

    Having an issue with adding a webm or mov video file. OBS changes the aspect of the original file. Not sure if this is an issue with just the MacOS version or the recent OBS updates. Don't recall seeing this issue before. Have tried the Filter > Scaling/Aspect Ratio to no avail. Does any one...
  3. M

    Free Webm Transparent Animated Graphics from Powerpoint 2022-01-02

    New VBA stuff for this which does both transparent MOV and Webm. Code here: https://github.com/maxrottersman/powerpoint-to-transparent-webm-or-prores and video here: Powerpoint to WebM Transparent Video Exports slides as transparent webm or mov files for OBS, youtube, or other streaming...
  4. O

    Issue with Track matte in OBS 27.1.3 on Monterey 12.0.1 macOS

    Issue with Track matte in OBS in preview, you see transition incorrect view here video+track matte https://dropmefiles.com/qxic2
  5. L

    Random scenes pop up during later scene transitions

    I have uploaded a stinger transition that is a 5 second long WEBM file and set the Transition Point Time to 3000 milliseconds. The first few transitions go as expected but then a scene that was previously selected seems to pop up just before the new scene fades in. Video showing the problem...
  6. Tormy

    Streaming WebM with Icecast2 it crashes after few seconds

    Hi, When I setup OBS 26.0.2 (but I got the same with older versions) to work with Icecast 2, it starts the recording. As soon as I try to connect with a Browser OR after let's say 20-30 seconds I don't do anything (whichever occurs first): OBS crashes. Here my settings and in attachment the log...
  7. corbu

    Media Source CPU load: WebM vs Uncompressed MOV

    Hey everyone, We have a lot of overlays in our OBS setup, and I'm trying to make everything as CPU-efficient as I can. I've been experimenting with the format I'm using to render things out from After Effects, and watching the effect it has on my CPU in OBS. Everything I've been reading or...
  8. javier17

    Bug Report High CPU in WebM files with browser

    Hello. I have the last version of OBS studio. I want to use Streamlabs alerts, with a webm file. If I use it the cpu is in 24%, and if I don’t use it its in 4%. Can you fix it? Thanks
  9. P

    Question / Help I can't run streaming video WebM with Icecast2 both on Windows and Linux

    I trying run a stream using WebM format, but it don't running. The image below show the web page with loading always but not loaded. Is important notice, I made two servers, one linux and other windows. I try send the video through of OSB Windows and Linux and both show same problem. Please...
  10. KozRoss

    Question / Help vp9_vaapi video encoder always fails with unclear error message

    I'm trying to record into a webm, using vp9_vaapi for video and libopus for audio. My settings are below: When I hit 'Start Recording', however, I always get the following error: An unspecified error occurred while recording. Failed to open video codec: Invalid argument I've attached the...
  11. Janttu

    Question / Help Stinger transition causing audio buffering [Solved]

    Hi. I'm planning on using stinger transitions in the near future, but this issue might prevent me from doing that. I have clips that use alpha transparency and have audio in them. I've tried two different methods, one with mov (animation) and the other with webm (VP9) files. Mov files tend to...