1. J

    OBS Won't Stop Recording on High - End PC (RTX 3070)

    Hi guys! I was recording a Warzone gameplay, paused and resumed the recording several times, accdientaly started some streams but cancelled them inmediately, all of that for an approximately 25-minute final recording, I stopped the recording, and then it got stuck. It had happened to me also one...
  2. R

    COD Warzone Stuttering

    Hello everyone! I'm having a terrible time trying to find a fix for this. I hope you guys can help me: Whenever I set Warzone to game capture or display capture, the preview screen gets choppy, the recording comes out choppy and I don't even want to try going live. There is constant stuttering...
  3. J

    Problema con Warzone y Obs

    Buenas, soy nuevo en esto y tengo una duda: Llevo un tiempecito (poco) haciendo Streaming pero me ha surgido una duda con un juego. Cuando pongo Warzone recibe la música del juego por parte de escritorio y demás pero graba todo en obs salvo la comunicación por CHAT con el equipo y las voces de...
  4. M

    Fullscreen mode on warzone is black screen in obs!!

    Hello I have been streaming for awhile now but I have been using Fullscreen Borderless. But I have noticed using Fullscreen Borderless doesnt give me as many frames as i get when using fullscreen. The issue is when I switch to fullscreen my obs shows a black screen. I need help on how to fix the...
  5. L

    Frame Rate Drops Horrifically Only When Streaming Warzone (Playing On PS5 Using Elgato HD60S+)

    Hi guys and girls, so I stream quite a bit on my PS5 using the Elgato HD60s+ capture card. All of my streams have been absolutely perfect but whenever I stream Warzone my viewers get a really choppy version of what I'm playing. It's fine on my screen, but when it runs through OBS it looks...
  6. K

    Bad stream quality rtx3080 (tried everything)! Please, help!

    After buying the rtx 3080 and i9 10900kf, I encountered a problem of poor quality on the stream. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1003758470 I have already read everything that is possible, tried all the settings (attached screenshots). These are the current settings. In addition, the "game...
  7. B

    Warzone Lag whilst Streaming

    Hi. So I have been streaming Warzone for over a month now and have had an issue ever since I started. When I'm not streaming Warzone my game runs super smooth at around 100 FPS, and when I start streaming my game runs fine. However after playing a few games my game takes a complete U-turn...
  8. L

    Recording stuck at one frame but audio still plays

    Hello so I record my warzone gameplay with obs studio 12.1.1 and I installed streamlabs add-on. My recordings get stuck at one frame but the sound keeps playing. https://obsproject.com/logs/Vpv3aR-nHQ80E52q Here's the log file. I can't really analyze it, if somebody can help I would appreciate...
  9. M

    My OBS crashed while playing Warzone

    I was playing Warzone and streaming when suddenly the game crashed because a directx problem and my OBS crashed at the same time. I don´t know if the issue is related. Thanks for your help
  10. K

    Warzone feeling laggy while streaming

    Hey there! I have googled my problem multiple times and haven't found an answer, that's why I am trying my luck here. Problem: While streaming with OBS Streamlabs CoD Warzone feels laggy, while having good frames (around 100-120 which feels smooth to me normally - without streaming I have around...
  11. P

    rtx 3070 and dropped frames

    Hello to everyone, i'm new in the world of obs but before writing you i have followed a couple of guide. I hope you can help me with my problem. I have a rtx 3070 as GPU and my cpu is a ryzen 5 3600x. I'm streaming call of duty warzone at 1080p 60 fps. The issue is that when i try to put the...
  12. S


    Hola que tal, a veces hago stream en obs de warzone, pero lo malo es que este me va a tirones o lag, pero en otros juegos como fornite no pasa, se ve fluido. Aquí se puede ver lo que comento https://www.twitch.tv/videos/784214933 Especificaciones: Procesador: amd ryzen 5 3400g Ram: 16 gb 2666...
  13. Lougotcash

    Frames dropping when pkaying Warzone

    DELL XPS 8930 i9 9900 3.1 GHz RTX 2070 Nvidia https://obsproject.com/logs/vS4637014K9QVcDh
  14. R

    [FIX] How to solve issue with lagging or stuttering on stream or recorded video in Warzone - OBS

    Hello, I want to share you with my solution which I found yesterday. I struggled with it for 3 days. That solution is very simple -,- Solution in the form of movie
  15. P

    Question / Help smooth streaming when I play warzone

    i5-9600k OC rtx 2060 OC ram 2x8gb I did tests and the game does not go smoothly, in some moments obs tells me that there is too much load and I should lower the quality, the fps I always see them stable on obs but actually they are not but the bit rate varies by very.Obs set in 1080p60fps with...
  16. B

    Question / Help Good enough PC. Still laggy stream. Please help.

    Hey, everyone. I really want to start to stream some Call of Duty Warzone. My PC can handle the game on high settings perfectly fine. But when I start streaming the game still runs fine but it's all laggy on Twitch, even when I lower the game settings it's still all jumpy on Twitch...
  17. O

    Question / Help OBS WARZONE

    hey so I need some help , my pc is a good pc it has a intel core i7 9700f and a Nvidia GeForce rtx 2060 graphics card , and I have 2 monitors. I put obs on one monitor and play on the other , but gameplay is flawless and doesn’t lag but when I look to the obs screen it stutters and skips frames...
  18. K9PT

    Question / Help OBS crashing Warzone

    I play Call of Duty Warzone fine, but streaming is a nightmare, Obs crash my system or the game!...Try to time, to times crash. Ryzen 7 3700x 16GB 3200Mhz GTX 1500Ti Note; I streame World of Tanks,BF5,World of Warships,WarThunder,Armored Warfare all fine! Please Help.
  19. adirayarida

    Bug Report COD Error

    My game crashes everytime i open Streamlabs OBS so i need you help to fix it. Thank you here's a picture