Bad stream quality rtx3080 (tried everything)! Please, help!


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After buying the rtx 3080 and i9 10900kf, I encountered a problem of poor quality on the stream.
I have already read everything that is possible, tried all the settings (attached screenshots). These are the current settings. In addition, the "game capture" mode in the obs is accompanied by screen flickering. I solved this by disabling GPU acceleretion in Windows, but the stream became not so smooth, sometimes the picture is ragged.

But the main problem is that I cannot achieve the same quality as other streamers. Many of them have a much better picture than me, while they stream with 2080 and 2080ti.

my stream is not as sharp and smooth as in the examples. what am I doing wrong?

Perhaps the whole problem is in my 4K monitor from lg, since they stream in native 1080p resolution, at the same time, my picture is downscaled from 4k to 1080p. Please help with the setup, I no longer have the strength to endure it ...


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