video and sound

  1. R

    Video is fuzzy and audio isn't crisp

    Hello, I need some help as no matter what I do with my settings, the video quality doesn't match what is actually on my screen. I've tried so many different settings, please see the ones that I am currently using below as per a YouTube video. The quality is good, but not as HD as I would like...
  2. T

    Screen Capture Not Working

    Has anyone ever seen this? My screen capture device isn't displaying within the OBS window, but when I check it's properties it works fine.
  3. P

    OBS outputting grainy videos

    Hey all, I need your help. I've spent literal hours trying to figure out why OBS consistently outputs grainy videos from my 1080p Logitech webcam when I record These are the two settings I've tried to run: Here is the video settings: This is what I see when looking at the webcam...
  4. W

    How to Fix Max Audio/Video Buffering & Cutting Out!

    Log file here: I was playing a game, and the video quality was good, but it occasionally buffered. Log says .2% GPU overload and rendering lag, which is likely the cause. My audio also occasionally buffered, likely due to max audio buffering. I do...
  5. K

    audio delay with video recording

    I am recording videos with a webcam (Logitec Brio) and microphone (Blue Yeti X) and have the following problem: The audio recording seems to be delayed. The first syllable of the first word and sometimes the entire first word is not recorded completely. Does anyone...
  6. J

    Recorded files lose their video if I record longer than 7 minutes.

    Hello there. Not sure why this is happening. I used to record long form videos all the time, now whenever I got to play the video back, it's only an audio file. I can stream just fine, it's only when I go to record. It happened out of no where so I went and deleted obs, then installed obs 28 and...
  7. J

    Videos in BigBlueButton via OBS virtual camera no sound

    Hello, I'm using OBS with BigBlueButton which works fine in general. I only have problems with sharing videos. I would like to do this via the OBS virtual camera. Film resolution and performance look good but the participants in my BigBlueButton-Room can hear no sound. Is there just a setting...
  8. Spanisch24

    Asynchronous video and sound - latency problem?

    I have been looking for a while if I can find my problem being mentioned here before - haven't found anything. I've got 3 cameras working with OBS: main cam is Sony ZV-1, 2nd cam is Logitech C925e 3rd cam is a droidcam mobile phone Xiaomi Android 10 2nd and 3rd cam work synchronously (sound...