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    OBS streaming UDP to ffmpeg to v4l2-loopback?

    I asked the same question in the ffmpeg-users mailing list and I feel that any answers may be equally useful here in the OBS forum. I have configured OBS on a workstation to send a UDP stream to udp://laptop:55555 I can receive the stream with an ffplay command like this: ffplay -fflags...
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    OBS Change UDP service name

    hello , i have problem with obs when i stream udp url via start recording , the name of stream service 01 how can change or how can add metadata to change . output thanks

    Question / Help How to send a UDP stream to computer outside my network?

    So I followed this guide: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-studio-send-an-udp-stream-to-a-second-pc-using-obs.455/ and I successfully streamed my OBS to the same computer (using the multicast address and viewing the URL in MPC-HD). I'm confused on how to make it point to another...
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    Question / Help Canon XF400 IP streaming source

    I am trying to find out if anyone has used OBS as a decoder for a source stream coming from the canon XF400 or XF705 IP streaming camera. I would like to recast the stream from the XF400 with switching and overlays using OBS. The cameras output via Ethernet a UDP or RTP stream that is...
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    Question / Help Get video source from UDP stream vlc to OBS

    Hi there, I wanted to get my camera source to OBS, I am using wifi udp stream available in my camera Sony pxw-70. I am able to watch the UDP stream in vlc but i am not able to get that source in obs. I have tried to capture window but there's a flickering glitch in window capture. Didn't work I...
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    Question / Help I broke my obs' ability to UDP stream

    So, I set up a UDP stream (thanks to Jack0r ) and it was working great, until I accidentally closed it while recording. Now every time I try to record the same "unspecified error" window pops up. Things I have tried: Restarting obs/my pc (obviously) Deleting all user files Fresh install Since...