text (gdi+)

  1. iKi_

    GDI+ source URL/Web

    Hi ! I've some text files on Google drive, and i'm looking for adding them on OBS without download I can't find any plugin or option to add the link of my file on Text GDI+ sources Final Goal : Extract text from a Google Sheet specific cell to have a automatic update on OBS Did you have any...
  2. S

    Problem with overlapping text whilst it's scrolling.

    G'day. I'm having this problem where if text is too long, then whilst it's scrolling (Using the scroll filter), it'll overlap at a certain point. How do I prevent this from occurring?
  3. markjay

    Text (GDI+) With Templates 1.2.2

    This is an enhancement to the Text (GDI+) source for Windows. With it, you can enter text such as: Then, you can go to Tools->Edit Text (GDI+) With Templates Variables That will show you the variables that it has found across all of your scenes: Then, you can fill them in: And, you see...
  4. meluwudy

    Scroll speed under certain amounts doesn't work on Text

    It used to be 63, now it's changed multiple times, but when the scroll speed is low it just stops working, and I'm not sure if it's how I have it set up or if it's an issue with the current build of OBS. Video here: https://youtu.be/cHcTx9G-7M4
  5. shiftcsx

    Make text scroll after reaching a certain length?

    Heya, so basically I have a text which reads from a changing file, so far I've used the Bounding Box option in the Transform settings, however if it gets really long the Text gets so small that it looks silly. So my idea would've been to just make it scroll after hitting a certin length /...
  6. S

    Python Web-socket.py

    Hey I am trying to get TEXT GDI+ to change when I run my python script. source_name = "yo" # Replace with the actual name of your OBS Text source text_properties = { "source": source_name, "text": text, "textFile": "", "outline": True...
  7. CajunDreamz

    Installed Fonts Not Working with OBS

    I'm having an issue with OBS in that it isn't accepting installed fonts while making a Text GDI+ overlay. It will allow me to use system fonts, but any I downloaded and installed the preview will disappear. I know I have installed them correctly as I am able to use them in photo editing...
  8. leonard787

    Studio Mode - Text source updates on both preview and output

    I'm using OBS 29.0.2 to stream church services with studio mode. I have a Text GDI source for a sermon title and date. If I type text into the box, whether it's from the properties window, or in the text box above sources when I've selected my text source, it will update the text on screen, both...
  9. P

    Fit text to box

    I would love if there was a feature added that could automatically resize text in a text box to fit/fill? For example when you are changing text via text files, redeems etc, things don't cut off or look strange.
  10. S

    "Font weight" wird nicht angewendet

    Moin, leider musste ich feststellen das OBS anscheinend die font-weight von der Schriftart "Montserrat" nicht richtig interpretiert. Im Anhang findet ihr einen Screenshot der mein Problem verdeutlichen sollte. Genutzt wurde hierbei "Text (GDI)+" und "Text (FreeType 2)" wobei bei letzterem die...
  11. K

    OBS freezing after choosing a local text file for text GDI

    Hello guys i have the issue that my OBS freezes every time i choose a local text file for a GDI source. i want to show latest follower etc.
  12. D

    OBS Crash when Text (GDI+) visibility toggled.

    For every OBS update for Windows 64 bit after 27.1.3 (64 bit), OBS is crashing when I toggle visibility several Text (GDI+) elements in a scene. Does not matter if I use stream deck or change it manually. Have tried changing to several other basic fonts and same thing happens. Fault address is...