Installed Fonts Not Working with OBS


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I'm having an issue with OBS in that it isn't accepting installed fonts while making a Text GDI+ overlay.

It will allow me to use system fonts, but any I downloaded and installed the preview will disappear. I know I have installed them correctly as I am able to use them in photo editing software like GIMP.

I've commented on another person's post on here and even have sought help via the OBS Discord server in the Windows channel. No one there has been able to give a solution to my issue. No one else has responded to my comment on that thread either.

I've attached two images to show the issue I am having. I understand Windows 11 won't be supported until '24, but it's what I have.


  • installed font text overlay.png
    installed font text overlay.png
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  • system font text overlay.png
    system font text overlay.png
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