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  1. S

    error message showing cannot connect to youtube server when attempting to connect obs through youtube service

    hi everyone, im in the process of trying to start streaming small and short videos of my gameplay of msfs 2020 cause im a beginner at this. i c the stream key where it says start streaming and i go to click it and it says go to settings and enter url and stream key so i go to the streaming...
  2. Z

    OBS adding UUID to the end of a stream key?

    Hi guys, I need some help. I set up a custom rtmp sever with nginx so a client of mine can stream. He decided to make his stream key "live". It added a UUID to the end of live so the filenames became live_<UUID>. When I tested on my own OBS instance using "test" it didn't add a UUID to...
  3. C

    Someone knows my OnlyFans Stream info

    Was told to contact OBS by "Onlyfans Support Team" Seems like this is the only way.... I went live on Onlyfans a couple days ago and accidently showed my stream info every time I try to start a live, someone from Germany ( I live in the US) ends my streams....Is there anyway to...
  4. N

    Youtube not recognizing stream key in discord (fixed)

    Hi I've tried asking in the discord support tab multiple times nicely and no one answered (thanks lol) but I'm testing out streaming on YouTube and noticing the stream key is not being recognized in YouTube when I copy and paste it and hit apply to obs. I've tried switching servers then...
  5. F

    im so f'ing mad rn

    i legit put in my stream key and it said "stream key is invalid" auto config wizard dosent work. stream starts and stops for no reason. screen black but i have display and game capture. i dont get it. please help. i disabled my twitch account i am so mad. also i have the best setting and still...
  6. R

    Dockable Stream Settings so you can quickly change stream keys on the go?

    In usual cases, people don't change their stream keys periodically like "Yo, you already have profiles, you don't need this feature". But today, I finally found an unorthodox workflow to live stream. This is prior to live streaming to Instagram RTMPs. (No, not like yellowduck, they charge you...
  7. C

    YouTube Won't Go Live Without Stream Key Change

    Greetings, We've been using OBS to stream YouTube for about five years, mostly without issue. In the last few months however we have had an issue where OBS would show live, but the stream would not go live on YouTube. YouTube Studio would not pickup the the stream either. We've fought with...
  8. C

    YouTube Stream Key issue.

    Hello. I am running OBS on two different computers, both running Windows 10 64 bit, streaming to two different YouTube channels. For months, everything was great with not one problem. Then a week or so ago, YouTube indicates my stream hasn't started, but OBS indicates that it is streaming. I...
  9. C

    external server

    i know a lot of people use facebook youtube or twitch but what im looking for is somewhere i can get an external server where i can get an embedded code where i can then link that code to a website that will then stream the video feed twitch worked for about 2 weeks then says that the embedded...
  10. M

    Using Zoom as the streaming platform

    I'm taking my first steps towards a test livestream event before planning our first company livestream to clients in the autumn / fall. We prefer to use Zoom as our streaming platform, although GoToWebinar is an alternative option. I'm struggling to find any guidance (either on the OBS forum...
  11. G

    Question / Help Save Stream Key

    I'm a newb at OBS & this is my first post. I was able to get a stream key and broadcast to FB Live. However, after closing OBS Studio & reopening it, I was not able to start streaming again. It said that "Could not access the specified channel or stream key, please double-check your stream key...
  12. Ryan Johnson

    Streaming profiles allow saving details for various streaming services

    Currently, OBS Studio deletes your account details when you switch to another streaming platform, including the stream key and account details. This is annoying if you intend to stream on multiple sites for different things, such as gaming for Twitch, and IRL for YouTube. Make it so that...
  13. illl4ever

    Question / Help Stream key location in OBS?

    Hi, I am following guides to stream on Twitch, all the guides say I need to copy the stream key from Twitch to OBS but I cannot find where to put the stream key in OBS 23.2.1. Greatly appreciate any advice as I am totally new to this. Thank you very much in advance.
  14. T

    Question / Help Stop OBS from Creating New Link After Disconnect & Reconnect

    Hi all, I'm one of those weird storm chasers and I live stream my shenanigans for the folks back home and I'm running into issues where OBS creates a stream link, streams for a while, and when I travel into a service deadzone, it'll disconnect as expected. The issue is, when it reconnects it...
  15. W

    Question / Help Can't find box to input my Stream Key

    I wanted to start streaming on twitch, but when I tried to put my stream key into OBS I couldn't find the input box. Did I do something wrong when I was setting up OBS?
  16. F

    Bug Report Failed to Connect: Stream Key/Server Error

    Hello! I have been streaming on Twitch using OBS for the past few months. Everything has been great! Suddenly, today I go to start my stream and this error message pops up "Failed to connect. Could not access the specified channel or stream key, please double-check your stream key. If it is...
  17. H

    Question / Help Can't start stream! Could not access specified channel or stream key error

    I already tried to reset my stream key, changed the server and it didn't work. Does anyone of you have an idea to fix it?
  18. R

    Question / Help Stream key

    Every time I try to start a stream this thing appears. It says "Couldn't get the access to the stream key of your channel or stream, please, check your stream key again. If it's correct, it might be a problem with connecting to the servers". Already done everything I could, and I just saw other...