Using Zoom as the streaming platform

Mark Higgitt

New Member
I'm taking my first steps towards a test livestream event before planning our first company livestream to clients in the autumn / fall.
We prefer to use Zoom as our streaming platform, although GoToWebinar is an alternative option.
I'm struggling to find any guidance (either on the OBS forum, via the Zoom website or support teams, or random YouTube videos) about how to configure OBS correctly with a server URL and stream key.
In short, Zoom gives excellent advice about how to stream from Zoom Webinar to a custom streaming platform (a facility that has been restored from Zoom Version 5.0.4).
However, we want to stream from OBS to Zoom as the custom streaming platform.
Has anyone achieved this? Or is the lack of guidance out there the biggest clue that it can't happen?
Your thoughts eagerly awaited and gratefully received!

Mark Higgitt


New Member
There's useful plugin called obs-mac-virtualcam which creates virtual webcam (obvious) for example I'm using it in conferences calls for OBS functionality.

Maybe you should create private stream (for single endpoint) on any preferred platform and restream it on PC through plugin? Like your PC - Private stream - OBS with plugin - zoom? Or maybe without middleware private stream and straight from your PC with plugin to zoom as webcam.