Dockable Stream Settings so you can quickly change stream keys on the go?


In usual cases, people don't change their stream keys periodically like "Yo, you already have profiles, you don't need this feature". But today, I finally found an unorthodox workflow to live stream. This is prior to live streaming to Instagram RTMPs. (No, not like yellowduck, they charge you for that keys, but I found an app that gives me unlimited stream keys for instagram). Every time I wanted to start streaming, the app will give me a new key. And sometimes, when things went wrong (slow transfer speed/bad stream keys), I need to make a new live session and paste a new key.

It would be great to have the capability to change the keys on the go. With some countermeasures in case of conflicting commands such as the stream key bar is greyed out when you forgot to stop the stream, etc2.