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    Question / Help Automatic scene switcher [sequencer]

    Hello world-wide forum! I must say, I love OBS and thank you all. I'm a first time user. I recently installed Version 25.07 with my Mid-2015 Mac OS version 10.15.4 Catalina. I carefully followed the instructions on how to download, extract and install (copy and paste) the...
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    Looking for OBS Browser plugin to view cameras on connected DVR

    How can I get the OBS browser plugin for windows support to help view cameras on connected DVR?
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    Question / Help NDI Source Issue

    Yes, I download the lastest plug-in for NDI Source for Version 24.0.6 for Mac 10.13.6. I am running High Sierra. When I download the package I dragged the plug-in file to the plug-in section under OBS. Now I see in my source it says: "NDIPlugin.NDI Source Name" is that correct or did I do...
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    Question / Help ASIO plugin tab not visible

    Recently downloaded the ASIO plugin for OBS from git hub and the ASIO tab isn't appearing. The log says the plugin is downloaded though, is there any way to fix this? Thanks!
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    Question / Help Cant install plugins (32bit 24.0.1)

    Hello, yesterday i wanted to install some plugins for obs (ColourEQ and Lisp ) so i just followed the tutorial and its not working. I hope you can help me :)
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    Question / Help Skype Black Window NDI 4.6.0 Skype

    I know I am not the only one who comes across this issue, but it seems as it is always unanswered. I have used Skype in the past and had no issues, but it seems now I am getting a black screen despite selecting the correct source and user. I have attached my log file. Can someone please answer this!