OBS Crashes on exit - plugin the problem?


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Every time i exit OBS, i get a crash message. If I dig through the log, it says
Unhandled exception: c0000005

Fault address: 7FFFE079FF57 (c:\program files\vstplugins\soundtoys\effectrack.dll)
libobs version: 26.0.2 (64-bit)
Windows version: 10.0 build 18363 (release: 1909; revision: 1110; 64-bit)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor

Thread 45C4 (Crashed)
Stack EIP Arg0 Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Address
00000020697D98B0 00007FFFE079FF57 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000001 0000000000000000 effectrack.dll!0x7fffe079ff57
00000020697D99B0 00007FFFE078CE1C 0000000000000020 000001776E3C0ED0 00000020697D9BB0 0000000000000000 effectrack.dll!0x7fffe078ce1c
00000020697D99E0 00007FFFE0792C40 000001777C1D52A0 00007FF86E89B997 000001776E3C0000 000000000000000B effectrack.dll!0x7fffe0792c40
00000020697D9A30 00007FFFE078CC7C 0000000000000001 00007FF80375245B 0000000000000000 00007FFFEBE9BECB effectrack.dll!0x7fffe078cc7c
00000020697D9A70 00007FF84FEE4644 00000020697D9C20 00007FF86E89C43F 00000000000B000D 0000000000000040 obs-vst.dll!VSTPlugin::closeEditor+0x34


effectrack.dll is a VST plugin by SoundToys I use when producing music. Is there some weird incompatibility with OBS?


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