Noob: How to install obs-v4l2sink on Ubuntu 18.04 (want to connect to Zoom)


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I'm trying to use v4l2-loopback + obs-v4l2sink for this and it's really been tough. I've been having great success with OBS-studio for recordings so I'd love to connect it to Zoom. I finally had to build both obs-studio and obs-v4l2sink from source, (which must be done with a special build for libobs and in a specific order!), but make install puts the plugin in /usr/lib/obs-plugins/ which OBS doesn't seem to see. /usr/share/obs/obs-plugins has tons of plugins in it but when I copy the to it OBS still doesn't seem to see it (nothing new in the Tools menu). Any ideas?? What am I missing here?


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