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    Virtual camera format/color problems

    I just upgraded to OBS 26.1 on arch linux, and would like to use the virtual camera feature. Previously, I was using obs-v4l2sink without issue, and it still seems to work. When I disable the v4l2sink extension and start a virtual camera, it sort of works, in that it does feed something to the...
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    Noob: How to install obs-v4l2sink on Ubuntu 18.04 (want to connect to Zoom)

    I'm trying to use v4l2-loopback + obs-v4l2sink for this and it's really been tough. I've been having great success with OBS-studio for recordings so I'd love to connect it to Zoom. I finally had to build both obs-studio and obs-v4l2sink from source, (which must be done with a special build...