obs lagging help

  1. Zylthar

    Stream lagging despite no dropped frames or in game lag.

    As the title says, my stream has random FPS drops despite no frame drops or skipped frames. No change in ANY settings seems to make it worse or better. I really am i my wits end. I've made a video trying to show my issues. Would be grateful if anyone had any insight. https://youtu.be/8nt3oo1WRwE
  2. I

    Laggy Stream + Inputlag feeling ingame

    Hey guys, i need your help! PC-Info: - CPU: Ryzen 7800x3d - GPU: RTX 4080 - RAM: DDR5 6000 CL32 - Monitor: LG OLED 240 Hz 1440p OBS settings: (attached files) Internet Connection: Down -> 64Mbts Upload -> ~30 Mbts DSL(Telekom) I already tried a lot of settings but it doesnt really help...
  3. Lazyone

    Obs lagging in Filters, docks, and others

    hi there, i have this problem for the last weeks and i don't know how to fix it, obs always worked alright for me, but now it keeps laggin when i open filters, or properties in scenes, audios or normal sources, everything seems to work alright and i can stream without issues, but that strange...
  4. A

    OBS recording lagging

    Hello recently I got myself a new computer. I wanted to try recording videos in FHD 60FPS by downscaling the resolution from QHD to FHD (because i have 2K monitor) however OBS seems to not displaying any issues when recording but the recording itself is laggy. I've tried using CPU and GPU as the...
  5. Z

    Recording laggy I don't find an issue

    Ive been recording using a lot of settings find on internet, i have already switch x264 for NVENC, but i got alltimes a laggy recording. Game not lagging but record yes (i don't tested the stream) My computer is new, maybe i need some handling to optimize him. My gpu and Cpu aren't at 100% in...
  6. U


    Hey Everyone. I'm completely new in creating videos, I want to be able to create and share video gaming content on my YouTube channel. I was watching some videos on YouTube like "how to set the best settings in OBS for gaming" and I set everything exactly like it was on the videos, then I went...
  7. Juliannb

    Question / Help Unable to stream Hunt: Showdown properly

    Good day, everybody! I'm having the worst time trying to stream Hunt: Showdown. For the most part, the stream goes fine, but the moment a strong light source, such as fire or flare, and even when switching to Dark Sight, OBS lags and actually freezes until I look away. The game plays butter...
  8. W

    Question / Help DesMume Lagging In OBS. Not sure how to fix.

    So I have been streaming Pokemon via DesMume. I have noticed where my game feels choppy and laggy at points but I'm not sure what to do as I'm relatively new to using OBS. Here's a log file if anyone knows what the problem might be. Thanks in advance! I have attached the latest log file for...
  9. B

    Question / Help Rendering lag with only OBS open.

    Hey guys. I've spent two days trying to figure this out and everything I've found talks about lag when they are streaming. My issue is that OBS shows "frames missed due to rendering lag" and "skipped frames due to encoding lag" going up as soon as I open OBS with no game open or any browsers or...
  10. F

    Question / Help OBS LAGGING PLZ HELP

    Hello i need obs setting help My pc spec: GPU: Nvidia geforce gt 520 2gb (but i cant use nvenc) CPU Intel core i3-2100 3.10ghz Ram: 6gb ddr3 Wifi speed: downlaod speed: about 45mbps upload speed about 16-20mbps when i stream or record my videos lagging