low game performance

  1. A

    Looking for some help, primarily with performance.

    Hi there! So I'm having a few problems with Streaming on OBS and I'd like a little help if anyone has any ideas. So I just started streaming for the first time last week and I've been having some issues, mostly performance. My setup consists of a Ryzen 5 3400G and a Radeon RX580, with 32 Gigs of...
  2. Antinity

    Performance issues with my laptop, and request for a good config.

    I have experienced a lot of performance issues with OBS studio. First, I'd like to tell you my laptop specifications. CPU - Intel i5-8420U Inbuilt GPU (runs display) - Intel UHD 620 GPU (default for running games) - NVIDIA GeForce MX130 (Mobility) RAM - 8 GB I face a lot of lag in games like...
  3. V

    performace Impact when streaming with OBS

    So i use obs at quite some time now, but now, after Formating my pc, a Razer Blade with i7-10875h, 16GB of Ram, RTX 2070 Super, i noticed a perfomance drop when streaming. I stream at 1080p60fps with NVIDIA NVENQ. I attached the log from the stream and screenshots of obs settings. Thanks Guys
  4. J

    Why is x264 working better than NVENC for me? (Low game FPS)

    Hi guys, I'm new to the streaming community. I've been playing games for a while now, and have started streaming for over a year now. Usually I stream 'Escape From Tarkov' and I haven't ran into any issues when using NVENC encoding until the recent release of Call of Duty: MW2. I'm running a...
  5. R

    Performance issues but only after 5 or so minutes of recording.

    Hey everyone, I have been scouring the forums looking for a solution to my issues but no dice, I have been trying to get some recording done for a video I am working on. Everytime I start recording it works fine for the first while, typically I will stop eagle-eye watching my preview and then I...
  6. T

    Best performance settings for my PC?

    I've been wanting to record on my PC, but it's more on the lower end. But it's enough to where it can decently run games at an average of around 30-60 FPS. For more heavy games like COD, I don't suspect it to run well, but I don't play games like that anyway. My processor is an Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  7. S

    Need help with OBS performance issues. (Studdering in VR Headset/stream preview/stream)

    Hey there, I am a small twitch streamer who is having issues with performance being terrible in VR during a stream and am hoping to get some help. Here's my specs - Geforce GTX 1660 (Version 446.14) - Intel core i5-7600 @ 3.5GHz - 32 Gigs of ram - Oculus CV1 headset Here's the stream where I...
  8. D

    Question / Help OBS Performance Issues With NDI Output Enabled

    Hello! I recently purchased a gaming laptop to use for work and on the go. I've decided to start recording and streaming using OBS. I've used OBS and the NDI plugin many times before with my desktop and a second PC with no issues. Ever since I've tried to use NDI with my new laptop to stream to...
  9. F

    Question / Help 50% CPU when streaming, causing games to struggle when the run on max usually

    PC Specs: GPU: GTX1080 CPU: i7 6700 RAM: 32GB I recently wiped my computer due to some security issues, and since then have had many complications with streaming. I can run games at usual FPS on maximum settings when I am not streaming, but as soon as stream starts, games such as Fortnite...