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  1. K

    Stuttering and slow frame issues regardless of obs settings. On Rocket League.

    Hi, I have a big problem with jerks and images that slow down and return to normal, I don't understand where the problem comes from... I can give you my config and my connection. CONFIG: R7 3700x GTX 960 4Go B450 Aorus elite v2 16 Go 2133MHz SSD : 445 Go HDD : 465 Go CONNEXION: Descending ...
  2. M

    Stream Elements Overlays Lagging while Streaming

    Hi! I've attached a log file from my stream tonight where I encountered lag several times with my stream elements overlays, but nothing else. I'm not sure why it happens but it's only with stream elements and does not affect the game, camera, or any other browser sources such as triggerfyre/mix...
  3. C

    my games feel really laggy when I stream but the fps is fine.

    In the games I want to stream, I get over 200fps while streaming, but for me looks like I'm below 50 fps, in the stream is fine at 60 fps I tried to stream with Nvidia Geforce Experience and it is totally fine, without this problem that happens with OBS, but I want to transmit with obs because...
  4. LosxThaGod

    Laggy Recording/Video Rendering on OBS

    Hello fellow OBSers. I'm new to the forums, so I'm not sure if we all have a nickname so im dubbing us as the OBSers lol. Trying to keep this a bit short, yet thorough. So I recently purchased a new gaming monitor from Asus, the VG278QR, which is a 165 hz (it's running at 144 hz right now)...