OBS 29.0 slow with Logitech Brio on and crashes each time you quit


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I'm running OBS 29.0 on an Intel-based Mac with AMD Radeon discrete GPU. I use a Logitech Brio cam and I have poor performance (video lags within seconds/minutes) and the software crashes each time I close it. The latest crash log is attached.

Please help!



  • OBS_CrashLog_17Jan2023.txt
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Tried recording a 4-min video after restarting OBS. This is the kinda rendering/encoding lag I have. What should I do to fix this? OBS.png


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I've been troubleshooting my virtual camera issue and so far I don't have an issue with the Brio but I think its the virtual camera driver. When I switch directly to the Brio in Webex or Teams, no issues. When I use the VC then I have issues like 1 frame a second in teams and "sometimes" a frozen image in Webex.